This Dog Is Obsessed With Wearing ‘Crocs’

We all love to be stylish and try out new fashion trends. Similarly to humans, animals too enjoy being stylish and simply adore it when their humans give them makeovers. Hooch the doggo is also no different. She likes new friends, tiny dogs, and getting lots and lots of attention. This doggo is special because she does things with genuine excitement and is always keen on seeing what is next.

Hooch usually wears small boots whenever she goes outside because she wants to protect her paws. Her human owner came across an online advertisement about crocs for dogs. After seeing this advertisement she knew at that exact moment that she had to buy Hooch a pair. Hooch’s mom thought that the crocs would be perfect for a nice photo shoot. When she tried the crocs on the doggo it was beyond her expectations because Hooch loved the crocs.

“She was instantly excited when I put them on, and we had to do a test walk,” expressed Holly Smith, Hooch’s owner. This doggo was super excited about her new shoes to the extent that she galloped around outside as if she was on top of the world. Hooch now wears her crocs all the time and even poses for photographs with them. She just doesn’t miss a chance to show off her crocs to the rest of the world.
“She loves them. She gets extra attention when wearing them” conveyed Holly. So far the doggo only owns one pair of crocs. But since she loves them so much her human mom might get her more crocs in the future. Meanwhile, she enjoys wearing her crocs outside and anyone who sees her can feel her joy.

#1. Rocking them crocs.

#2. When you have been running here and there and your human takes a photograph in the middle of all the panting.

#3. Super excited to try out my new crocs.

#4. Wanted to check whether I could run wearing crocs. It appears to be working.

#5. Ain’t I quite the model? A modeling agency needs to contact me ASAP.

#6. Just showing off my crocs.

Image Credit & More Info; Buster And Hooch