A Scuba Diver Comes Face To Face With A Crocodile

Banco Chinchorro is recognized as one of the richest coral reef sites in Mexico and it provides a home to a wide range of unique creatures. One of the creatures that can be observed residing among these reefs is the crocodile. Even the mere word brings fear into our minds. We always tend to avoid encountering crocodiles and are petrified of swimming in waters infested with crocodiles.

However, Bartolomeo Bove feels the exact opposite way and this individual is not afraid to swim with crocodiles. In July 2020, he traveled to Banco Chinchorro with the intention of diving with American crocodiles. This largest atoll reef is situated 35 kilometers off the southeastern coast of Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico. Banco Chinchorro is also a biosphere reserve and the temporary home to fishermen during the lobster season.

This reef is a haven for more than 500 hundred American crocodiles and it is the densest flock in the world. These crocodiles are considered to be genetically pure due to their isolated geographical location. They can be discovered in a lagoon belonging to the atoll’s central island. At times these creatures swim into the open sea next to the stilt houses of the fishermen and surprisingly the fishermen and crocodiles have a harmonious relationship.

When the fishermen throw away the leftovers of the filleted fish that they catch, the crocodiles feed on these discarded scraps. Right next to these stilted houses, underneath the sea, in the pristine waters is where Bove interacts with these powerful and highly intelligent animals. According to this human, the reason why he does not get attacked by the crocodiles is that he approaches them in a safe way, which is by approaching directly in front of them or at their same level.

Talking with “WhatzViral” Bove describes his experience with regard to diving with the crocodiles using the words, “The crocodiles are extraordinary creatures and being in their presence, so close, in their natural domain was for me a truly breathtaking experience.” However, he also expressed that if you were to ever swim with crocodiles, you should never take your eyes off them.

You can watch him diving with an Anaconda here.

Image Credit & More Info; BartolomeoBove/Instagram | facebook | youtube