21 Pics Of Alaskan Malamutes Being The Biggest Floofs

Alaskan Malamutes are the very definition of adorable and they are funny as well. These balls of fluff are sure to lift your mood up even when you are having a bad day. If you don’t believe us then have a look for yourself.

#1. A clear depiction of how everyone changes with time. (UnpopularOpinionated/facebook)

#2. When you meet the toy version of yourself and share an instant connection. (Lerchasaurus)

#3. When you still believe that you are a child. (ryukandl)

#4. Imagine cuddling this ball of fluff. (sreggink1988)

#5. Can you please let me out of this cage human? (Lifewithmalamutes)

#6. When you are a child at heart. (SmartSharkIsSmart)

#7. Now who can this majestic creature be? (riverandthegank_malamute)

#8. These dogs are such pure and innocent souls. (Alexleigh7)

#9. When your human finally comes home and you rush to greet him. (Exotli8)

#10. Living the good life with our human. (Malliemomx5)

#11. That one moment when you and your little human share the same expression. (mystic_radish)

#12. All ready and set to go on a hike. (Exotli8)

#13. When you dress up as yourself for Halloween. (INTRUD3R_4L3RT)

#14. Was trying to figure out what these wires taste like. (kdr019)

#15. Giving off the same vibe as your human. (ryanmalpas)

#16. Just an ordinary human and a giant doggo. (shortshat)

#17. Times flies and yet the affection only increases. (ggartin)

#18. These malamutes got their own bunk bed. (awkwardtuna)

#19. This is what happens when you see your human after such a long time. (jtpfei26)

#20. Can I sit on your lap human? (TonaldDump)

#21. Dancing lessons with my favorite person. (steve_likes_cooking)