Meet Chirico, A Cat Whose Facial Expressions Make Her Look Like She’s Always Judging Others 

Chirico is a cat from Japan who belongs to the breed of Selkirk Rex. This breed is well known for their wavy fur and adorable appearance. Chirico is an Instagram sensation due to her facial expressions that make her appear as if she is angry at the whole world. She now has many followers and her owner shares images of the cat going about her day. Chirico resides in Tokyo and is three-years-old. Hope you enjoy her cute outlook and mood-swings!

#1. A few seconds after you annoy your girlfriend.

#2. The meaning of happiness summed up in one picture.

#3. When the food was so good that you end up trying to eat the bag as well.

#4. Getting ready for Easter.

#5. Get this collar off of me human.

#6. Got that mean look on.

#7. Someone is in a good mood.

#8. When someone interrupts you before you get your daily dose of caffeine.

#9. Today is not my day.

#10. Blending in with the snow.

#11. Two cat figurines in one frame.

#12. I need my box back.

#13. The things your human makes you do. You just gotta tolerate I guess.

#14. Plotting revenge against someone who messed with you.

#15. I better not turn green after this.

#16. Spot the grumpy cat.

#17. Me venting to my friend after a bad day.

#18. I ain’t a fruit basket.

#19. When you just sit there silently minding your own business.

#20. Getting a bath is clearly not her favorite thing to do.

#21. Can’t I get a second to myself?

Image Credit & More Info; chirichirichirico/Instagram