This Cat’s Facial Markings Make It Looks Like It Is Always Sad 

Cats are not only known for their high and mighty attitude but are also famous for their expressive faces. The cat in our story owns an expression that is sure to make you laugh out loud. This cat from China was able to go viral in no time thanks to its face which constantly looks upset. Possessing such extraordinary facial markings has enabled this ball of fur to garner much attention on social media.

It certainly makes you wonder what this cat has been through because it looks like life hit the cat pretty hard. Simpson Xin, a Chinese woman shared the video footage on Doyuin, a TikTok-like Chinese platform. The video gained 2 million views. The cat is seemingly a stray one and even though Xin visited the creature she was unable to bring the cat home since she already owned one pet. The black spots above its eyes it what gives this cat its unique appearance.

Doyuin users fell in love with this cat that constantly looks sad and could not help but feel sorry for him because of his look. Even though Xin cannot take this one-of-a-kind cat home, she visits the creature from time to time to check on it and bring it food. This cat with rare markings on its face received many comments from internet users. One person even expressed, “Well we found our new meme cat after grumpy cat.” One look at this cat and you will surely feel bad for it.

A real-life depiction of life beating you down.

When you ask if life can get any worse and it actually gets worse.

Just hanging out on this tree to escape all my problems.

So this is what sadness looks like.

When someone says something hurtful and you’re someone who can’t hide your emotions.

Life hit this cat pretty hard.

Image Credit & More Info; Simpson Xin