Phoebe The Abandoned Baby Fox Forms A Special Bond With Two Orphaned Badger Cubs

Phoebe is an abandoned fox cub who has managed to form a special bond with two orphaned badgers. This unique friendship has left animal lovers in awe. An animal sanctuary in Whitby came up with the idea to put these three odd buddies together. The fox cub was merely two months old when he arrived at the sanctuary. Since there were no other foxes to keep her with, they decided to place her with two orphaned badgers. The staff members did not want the fox cub relying on humans for support and food. 

Betty and Bella, the young badgers were wandering by the roadside before they were brought into the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. The staff suspect that the dead body of a badger found nearby belonged to their mother.

Phoebe the fox cub, was found alone inside a petrified cardboard box. Even though badgers avoid foxes in the wild the three buddies thrived in each other’s company. Since they were all orphans, they were able to bond with one another. The three buds spend their time eating, sleeping, and playing together. 

Badgers are generally known to attack or drive away foxes when they enter the same territory. However, this was not the case with Phoebe, Betty and Bella. Their story proves that the preexisting animosity between the two species does not apply to them.

Currently, the three friends are staying in an outdoor kennel block. If more foxes do arrive at the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, the staff plan to introduce Phoebe to them to ease her transition back into the wild. Since badgers are rarely seen together with foxes it makes this friendship even more unique. 

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | Instagram