Being Together For 25 Years, Pierce Brosnan And His Wife Are What We Call ‘Couple Goals’

By: Anuradha

Love is something miraculous. We never know with whom we are going to fall in love and sometimes, a wrong decision that we make can even change our attitude for true love. However, the famous actor Pierce Bronson just celebrated 25 years of love with his wife and their love can truly be called as beautiful and genuine and this is what we call as ‘couple goals’.

Pierce Bronson is a famous man who has won the heart of many people with his skilled acting and either as the ultimate ladies’ man in James Bond or as the wonderful lover of Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia, he can be called as the most charming actor of his generation. However, his off-screen love is so much deep and beautiful than any of his films.

The famous actor posted a picture on Instagram of the pair staring into each other’s eyes with a caption: “Thank you for the love, my love of these past 25 years, onwards”.

The actor and his wife Keely Shaye Smith met each other back in 1994. She was a former TV journalist in Cabo San Lucas and she met him at a party after her interview with Ted Danson fell through. They married 7 years later at the 785-year-old Ballintubber Abbey in Country Mayo, Ireland.

Bronson told People Magazine that he and his wife took a short road trip up to Santa Barbara on a romantic weekend and they didn’t listen to any music; they just listened to the sound of each other’s voices.

Speaking on another interview the Irish-born actor said that what he likes in his wife is her passion, her strength that he “wouldn’t be able to live without.”  

They also are having two sons; Dylan, 21 years old and Paris, 17 years old. They have spent so many beautiful years together and their love story is exemplary to many young lovers these days. Scroll down to see some of the sweet pictures of the couple and we wish them good luck for a bright future ahead.

Holding hands when cycling.

When the couple is younger and fresh in love

Wedding day

Happy with the child.

On a holiday.

With their children.

Both looks amazing here.

Even after 25 years they still walk together like it’s fresh in love.

You don’t forget to kiss your loved one even after 25 years.

Still looks amazing.

He still gets excited on his wife’s works.

They still look lovely when they are together.

I love you.