7 Subtle Signs You’re Hotter Than You Think

By: Anuradha

Beauty has become an ideal now. We think ‘tall, slim and fair skinned ones’ to be hot because that is what taught to us by the media and we all do different things to stick to that beauty ideology. When you were in your teenage years, you might have worried a lot about your height, your complexion, and your body shape because that is the age that we compare ourselves a lot with others without having a proper idea about true beauty.

But the truth is that we all are beautiful in our own ways and in fact, you can be so much hotter than you actually think yourself to be. So, here are a few signs for you to check whether you are hot or not and after reading these, we are sure that you would feel you are a lot more attractive than you think!

1. People look up when you walk by.

Even though you might not have given it a second thought, you might have seen people looking at you when you walk by. Even though you would have considered it to be a mere incident, the truth is that they look at you with total awe and you are a lot more attractive than you actually think you to be!

2. Women (and men) don’t necessarily compliment you a lot.

There are people who don’t like to compliment others and this is a common feature among women. Even when they think that someone is looking gorgeous and hot, they wouldn’t compliment them and because of that, you might think you are looking so dumb.

3. People compliment you in an off-hand manner.

“Oh, but you get that a lot since you are so [insert compliment here], I bet!Em I’m sorry, but no?”

4. People are shocked when you tell them one of your [physical] insecurities.

The things that you consider odd in your self-are actually the facts that make you attractive and distinct among others. So, when you complain of such things, people would not understand what exactly you are insecure about. Those things that you think odd about yourself are actually what makes you beautiful and you should keep that in mind and appreciate who you are.

5. More than once, you have had a hanger in a night out.

You might have seen people looking at you in night-outs and even though you might not have given it a second thought, they look at you because they think yourself to be attractive and you have mesmerized them in your own ways.

6. A few months without some action is a lot for you.

You are often in relationships or dating someone and you might think it to be normal. But the truth is that you don’t realize your value and that is why you often let yourself fall into an unworthy hand.

7. You strive to be your true self, and that makes you irresistible.

Even though you would have considered you are unlucky and always bad things are happening to you, the way that you struggle to beautify your life will make everyone admire you and people would surely appreciate the inside and outside beauty of your life.