Baby Hippo And Orphaned Baby Rhino Fall In Love With Each Other

By. Anuradha

Sometimes, the world can be cruel to you but if you know how to pass those odds, then surely there will be a bright sun waiting on the other side to welcome you.

The white-rhino female named Makhosi and a hippo named Charlie living in the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in South Africa had a very disturbing childhood. Both of them had lost their parents when they were young and they struggled a lot to survive as babies. But, life decided to give them a second chance by introducing them to a fine place where everyone looked after them well and it was at this zoo that this rhino and the hippo buddy also made a life-long friendship with each other.

Both Charlie and Makhosi are very friendly and kind towards each other despite their obvious differences. According to the officers at the orphanage, the two had been best buddies the moment they were introduced and they have been inseparable since then. According to the officers, Charlie even thought him to be a rhino and was quite puzzled when his friend did not step into the water as he always wanted to do. However, that is understandable when you are surrounded by rhinos and even when your best buddy is one of them.

However, the orphanage has brought another hippo over time but that does not top Charlie hanging out with his friend. They still spend so much time together although Charlie does not forget to hang around with his new hippo friend too.

Because of poachers and because of several other environmental reasons, hippos and rhinos have become endangered and they are facing critical conditions. So, we must protect them and make people also aware of their importance. If we do not take necessary measures, soon these fellows will be wiped off from Mother Earth and therefore, always try to make people aware of the critical condition these animals are facing.

If you watched the video you have witnessed their beautiful friendship and we hope that you will also share this article among your friends and request them to do their best to preserve wildlife.