This Tiny Animal Looks Like A Mix Between A Rabbit, A Kangaroo, A Pig, And A Mouse

By. Anuradha

If you are an animal lover, you would often have faced a hard time picking your favourite from among them. Dogs are cute but cats are adorable too and when it comes to birds, rabbits, kangaroos and all other kinds of animals out there, it is really hard to pick one out of all. But, what if you find the traits of four animals within one? Yeah, you read it right. There is such a creature who inherits the traits of four animals within him and you would surely love this cutie if you also love mice, rabbits, pigs and kangaroos!

The Jerboa or this little creature with features from several other animals will steal the heart of anyone out there because of its cuteness. They are extremely tiny and their length ranges from 2.8 – 3.5 inches. According to scientists, their tail is twice as long as their whole body and they are the only animals on Earth with the largest ears proportionate to their body size. They are mostly known for their long ears and the tail and since jerboas are nocturnal, you can spot them only during night time. In the day time, they hide inside deep burrows that they make underground and they consume flying insects as meals.

Image Credit: officialzsl

These Jerboas were first noticed back in 2007 unexpectedly by some scientist and they mostly live in southern Mongolia and northwestern China.

Image Credit: Joel Sartore- Photo Ark

Another distinctive feature we see in them is their back legs which show closer resemblance to that of the kangaroos. They can jump to considerable heights by using them and their front legs are used to hold things as they are relatively smaller.


There is no doubt that Jerboas display a very progressive state in the evolution cycle as they have several features to facilitate their lives and even though they seem as if they came right out of science fiction or a dystopian movie, we can assure you that they do live on earth and perhaps you might be lucky enough to spot them one day.

So, We hope you enjoy the pictures that we collected about them.

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