Owl Lands On This Photographer’s Lens, Ends Up Blending In Perfectly

By. Anuradha

One of the best things about wildlife photography is that you get to experience things that you will never forget for the rest of your life. When the photographer Scott Dere decided to do a photoshoot of the owls, he never thought that he would also experience a moment to cherish for a lifetime. But fortunately, the owls that he was shooting had decided to give this man with a big camera something to remember them by and we thought of sharing his experience as it would also inspire everyone out there who is passionate about photography to make their art more colourful.

Scott Dere was photographing grey owls along with another three photographers; Beaumon Day and Olympus Explorer and Brooke Bartleson and he had his camouflaged camera lens at hand.

Image Credit & More Info: beaudayphotography.com | Beaumon Day | Brooke Bartleson | arthurlefo | Scott Joshua Dere

Speaking about his experience, Dere mentioned that,

“In a minute or two, I found one perched and wolf-whistled to the three others. It was an incredible moment when the owl decided to land on my head! It sent tingles down my spine for hours. After a moment, the owl repositioned on my lens, and I was able to pivot it slightly to pose for an image.”

Thankfully Beau has the reflexes and sense to take the photograph that I will cherish forever. The owl was young, juvenile—you can tell by certain features on the owl, like the tail feathers, for example. I think, one, this young owl was just curious about these strange visitors in his neck of the woods and wanted to check us out. And two, he wasn’t threatened by us.
Moreover, he also added that,

“I have had some awesome encounters with wildlife and sometimes you can just sense that they are comfortable and at ease with your presence and you kind of share a connection for that time you’re with them.”

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