Artist Spends Hours Arranging Natural Objects Into Stunning Mandalas, Leaves Them For Others To Find

By. Anuradha

Nature has its own beauty and form. The fading colors of a fallen leave, the sight of the sky just after the sunset and the beauty of the wild animals are so pure and magnificent. They cannot be compared with anything and you will enjoy these sights not from your eyes but from your heart. They speak directly to the bottom of your heart and that is why we always get freeze with a stunning sight of nature.

However, when human adds a slight touch this beauty it can even get better. James Blunt is a person who has an eye for beauty. He is a nature lover and he thought of using his artistic skills to grace nature. He created some artworks around his home in Yorkshire, England by using the natural objects that he found around his home and the result turned out to be breath-taking.

He arranged rocks, twigs, leaves, and even fruits into spirals, concrete circles, and many other patterns and got them all photographed. When he uploaded these pictures on social media, many fell in love with them instantly. He proved another side of natural beauty and we hope that you all would enjoy them. so scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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#1. Stones!

#2. Satellite!

#3. Whoa, this!

#4. This is magnificent!

#5. Look at what shells can do!

#6. This is breath-taking!

#7. Wow, this is spectacular!

#8. Look at the roots!

#9. This is not a spider work!

#10. Life teaches us a lesson sometimes!

#11. Look at what little rocks can make!

#12. The pattern!

#13. The two sides!

#14. The tower!

#15. Solve the puzzle!

#16. The rocks in the middle!

#17. The pool!

#18. This is amazing!

#19. The world!

#20. This is incredible!

#21. The twigs!

#22. Some patterns are wonderful!

#23. Rocky pattern!

#24. The earth.

#25. The structure!