This Cloud Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom (Yes, With Sounds)

By. Anuradha

No place on earth can be better than your own bedroom. That feeling you get when you step into that precious heaven after a long and tiresome day cannot be compared with anything and that is like your safe haven. However, being in your bedroom in a rainy and a cloudy day, cuddling against your bed is another sort of happiness. It is just perfect but unfortunately, we will not get that ambiance all the time.

Driven by this idea, Richard Clarkson studio designed a real cloud lamp that creates a thunderstorm. By using this lamp you can create thunderstorms in your own bedroom and yeah, it might sound too good to be true!

Speaking about this creation, Clarkson explains that this interactive lamp and a speaker system can mimic thunderclouds in several ways. These “clouds” detects your presence via motion sensors and releases unique lightning and thunder.

The cloud lamp is packed with full-motion sensors, microphones and speaker system. Users have the ability to control the sounds and sensitivity to movements. This item is made from hypoallergenic fiberfill and they release a nightlight and music reactive mode.

You can control your ‘cloud’ in any way that you want. All you need is just a wireless remote! These clouds have a Phillips LED light inside to make thunders. Users can also use a high-quality speaker to project music through every Bluetooth compatible device.

One of these machines will cost around $3,300 (Prices can be changed depending on the time) and you can get a few interactive clouds for $960 (Prices can be changed depending on the time). There are also tiny versions which you can buy according to your preferences. So, hurry up and order your machine! This would create the perfect setting for your next date!