21 Adorable Photos Of Harvest Mice Living Their Tiny Lives By Dean Mason

By. Anuradha

We all have seen mice for sure! Sometimes, you may like them and sometimes you may not. However, it is really hard not to fall in love with tiny harvest mice! They are so much adorable you will not feel like taking your eyes out of them! Despite the fact that they have a very short life span of 6 months, they enjoy life the best! They have a prehensile tail which helps them grasp plant stems as they jump through long vegetations! They are so adventurous and you may not have heard of them before as no one has tried to photograph them before!

Luckily, the talented photographer Dean Mason from Dorset, United Kingdom tried to capture them and result turned out to be awesome! He has been a photographer since 17 and this is what he had to say for us:

“I have been a dedicated wildlife photographer for the past 20 years and enjoyed every single second of it. Wildlife fascinates me for many reasons: It’s always challenging and I thrive on a challenge. I love the peace and tranquillity of nature and the outdoors, and I have always suffered from anxiety, so having spent 1000s of hours by myself with nature and my camera equipment, I’ve always found it to be therapeutic and calming.”

“I am the owner of Windows on Wildlife hides and harvest mice photographic workshops in Dorset, UK,” Mr. Mason said. “I breed captive-bred harvest mice and am fully licensed under the new DEFRA animal welfare legislation to do so. We offer other wildlife photographers the opportunity to photograph our harvest mice under controlled conditions, however, our mice are free to do as they please – they are never handled so never get stressed.”

“Harvest mice are … natural climbers, so we give them various plants, stems, flowers for them to climb upon which offers opportunities for photographic images.” Also, captive-bred harvest mice are used by many wildlife centers for displaying to the public due to their incredibly small size which makes spotting them in the wild almost impossible.

“Photographing harvest mice is fascinating. They can be incredibly quick and offer a challenge to photograph,” Mr. Mason continued. “They are incredibly acrobatic and fun to watch, always giving the aww factor! They are never shy to pose for the camera and this is why hundreds of photographers take the opportunity to visit us on our photography workshops in Dorset.”

So, scroll down to see this wonderful photo shoot and don’t forget to share these lovely pictures among your friends!

More info: deanmasonwildlifephotography.co.uk | Facebook | Instagram

#1. Cuddle to me, please!

#2. Do you want one?

#3. Hey there!

#4. You are so cute!

#5. Look at my dress!

#6. Let’s sing together!

#7. Find me!

#8. You are all mine!

#9. The place for a date!

#10. My home!

#11. Let’s swing together!

#12. Gymnastic!

#13. Wow, the smell!

#14. Look at my tiny paws!

#15. While dancing!

#16. Me with my playmates!

#17. You are so smelly!

#18. The tiny me!

#19. My home!

#20. Oh, my eyes!

#21. Me wearing my latest dress!