The Amethyst Mushroom, Looks Like A Galaxy

By. Anuradha

The Earth is the home to many wonderful creatures. Thanks to the development of technology, we are all fortunate enough to bear witness to many of the hidden wonders in all nooks and corners of the world, but the truth is that the Earth is full of surprises! There will never be an end to explorations as new beings are discovered daily. However, this beautiful mushroom that we are going to share some insights into was found in 1942. If you are a fan of mushrooms, you would probably have heard of this but for many of us, this mushroom remained a secret as it is extremely rare to see.

This magnificent and exotic mushroom which was recently captured by the scientist Sarah Llyod is commonly known as amethyst mushrooms or by its scientific name Elaeomyxa Cerifera. These mushrooms are usually seen in big locks and they are really special because of the galaxy like appearance. It almost looks like thousands of tiny, shining stars are hidden in this beautiful flower-like structure and you will never feel like taking your eyes away from them.

Sarah has always been a fan of mushrooms and she researches and photographs them as a personal hobby. She first found some of them at her place and eventually, she started a mission to capture these little mushrooms which are located in different places. Now, she has a collection of above 1700 pictures and Sarah is so proud of the beautiful collection she has.

These mushrooms are usually seen in Tasmania and it is not easy to find them. You need to have the necessary tools and knowledge to discover these beauties but we are sure that the time spent on the mission will never be a waste as there would be a beautiful surprise to welcome you at the end!

So, if you enjoyed the pictures of these magnificent mushroom galaxies, and do not forget to share these pictures with your friends who would also like to have a look at the most beautiful fungi creation ever!