Photographer Captured The Beauty Of A White Lion

By. Anuradha

No one can completely discover nature’s mysteries and secrets. We hear daily updates about new flora and fauna species, the animals who disappeared from mother earth as well as genetically modified creations. Some people venerate and worship these species in different parts of the world and some people are simply in love with some species mainly because of their glory and beauty.

One such creature who inspired awe and mystery is the white lion. White lions are associated with many superstitions and mythologies and since these creatures are hard to find and since they are ferocious and mighty, many people venerate them with god-like awe. There are many movies, novels, and fictions written about them and white lions have a literature of their own.

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We thought that as most of you are in love with this big feline, we should also share some beautiful pictures of a white lion. Lion Moya lives in the Glen Garriff Conservation Shrine and when the British photographer Simon Needham caught the sight of him, the photographer knew that no matter what it takes, he should devote his time to do a photoshoot of Moya.

Moya inherits its dreamlike appearance because of a rare genetic mutation but there is no doubt that this exactly is the reason why many people are in love with him. He is six-years-old and lives in South Africa. Even though some of you might have heard of white lions, most of us have not seen one and therefore, this photoshoot is special.

However, it was not easy for Simon to capture the baby. He had to wait for hours and hours before taking some perfect shots but we are sure that Simon is so proud of the shots he captured. Speaking to us he said,
“I love all animals, but Moya’s amazing fur captivated me at first sight.”
Moya would also entice you in its glory and you can scroll down to see this precious photo collection. Do not forget to share the pictures among animal lovers!