A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Became Best Friends

By. Anuradha

We all have to admit that all our friends are very much different from each other. In every group, there is a talker, a player, a gossiper, someone who is always hungry, someone who is always thinking about their partner and the list can go on. Having people like these are important because they add more color to the gang and this diversity is what makes the group interesting too. 

However, have you ever noticed animals having multiple friendships with other animals who are not from their species? I guess you might not. We often see animals sticking with others from their species. However, we could find some friends who are very much different from each other but have always been the best.

This group consists of a dog, 8 birds, and a hamster. Bob, the friendly golden retriever is the leader of the gang and he seems to be peacefully and patiently dealing with everyone else. They live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and have become Instagram celebrities because of their pictures posted by their human. They seem to move along with each other quite well and many people are absolutely in love with their pictures.

So, scroll down to see some of them and don’t forget to tag your weird friends too!

Image Credit & More Info: facebook | Instagram

#1. Stand on a line to pose!

#2. Me with my treasure!

#3. This is our human.

#4. Living under a blanket life.

#5. The best place to have a  nap!

#6. This is so us in bed!

#7. Oh, Lets play dead!

#8. Please don’t open your mouth!

#9. Let’s have our secrets. 

#10. Me on my pillow!

#11. Aww! Look how cute he looks!

#12. This guy doesn’t let me sleep.

#13. You all can rest on my arms!

#14. Don’t eat that!

#15. Nice place to hide!

#16. Look at my hat!

#17. Go away!

#18. Ready for a vacation.

#19. No, I am angry with you all!

#20 don’t do that!

#21. Look what they are doing to me.

#22. A family picture.

#23. We are dead tired.