27 Photographs Of “Crown Shyness”, A Phenomenon Where Trees Avoid Touching

By. Ran

If you ever get the chance to walk through a forest, please look above into the sky. You will be amazed at what you see.

Check out the pictures below to see what we mean. This amazing phenomenon is called crown shyness; it refers to the uppermost branches of certain tree species that don’t like to touch one another. This behavior was first observed in the 1920s, and multiple hypotheses and assumptions trying to explain it have been presented since then. Some believe it occurs in order to reduce the spread of harmful insects while others believe that trees are attempting to protect one another’s branches from getting cracked and broken in the wind by keeping a safe distance from one another.  It is also thought that “crown shyness” happens so that trees can optimize light exposure to maximize the process of photosynthesis done by the tree leaves. 

However, even with all these theories coming in to play, nobody knows why crown shyness happens.  Still, it makes us realize how beautiful nature can be.  Scroll down to be mesmerized by the beauty of the amazing Mother Nature.

Image Credit: kottke | Rob Macfarlane

#1. It looks like somebody painted this!

#2. Amazing color contrast!

#3. Shying away from each other.

#4. Multiple shades of green.

#5. Sweet summer!

#6. Purple and green make a pretty combo!

#7. Surreal!

#8. It is s autumn here!

#9. This calms the mind!

#10. Sunlight coming through!

#11. How soothing is this picture?

#12. This picture feels very strong!

#13. Unmerging!

#14. An array of colors!

#15. This would look nice on the wallpaper!

#16. They stand alone!

#17. Amazing work of Mother Nature!

#18. Oh, what would it be like to walk under a canopy of trees like this?

#19. Nature photography at its best!

#20. The night is approaching!

#21. Coloring the sky in pretty colors!

#22. It is all about lights!

#23. I wish I had a forest full of trees with crown shyness near my home!

#24. Oil paintings!

#25. Wondering why trees behave like this!

#26. Little nests in the sky.

#27. So pretty!