Well Done, You Managed To Lose The Woman Who Loved You With All Her Heart

By. Anuradha

She was the one who was ready even to cross oceans for you. Her love was enormous and she only needed to make you happy. She was ready to do anything for you but you managed to lose her.

You lost the biggest gift in your life. she was not just your girlfriend but everything. She took care of everything, gave you the emotional support you needed and was always ready to listen to you and to comfort you. she never questioned your honesty and was never worried about your social status. Your money, your education, your family status were not the things that she cared about but your love. She only wanted you to love her back and appreciate her for the person she is.

You only had to treat her in the right way because she truly deserved that kind of attention and care. She never asked you for expensive gifts or candlelit dinners. She never complained to you for anything and you just took her for granted. Her endless attention and care only became bothersome in your eyes and you choose to forget her instead of giving her the love she deserved. When she made you one of her priorities, she was never even in your options. She became a plaything for you and you began to use her instead of loving her.

It was after so much time and effort, she decided to leave. She stopped answering your calls, following you on social media sites and expelled you from her circle. You could not find her and it was after you lost her, you truly understood her value. Your lack of appreciation and gratitude made her take the right decision for her life and you lost the best thing ever happened to your life.

You will never find anyone like her again who will love and adore you in the same way. She is gone and gone forever. Do not even try to find someone like her again because she can never be substituted. She was one of a kind and you lost that precious thing. Try not to do the same if someone ever decided to come to your life.

True love is hard to find and it is worth to cherish it!