8 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

By: Anuradha

1. They don’t give a damn about haters.

Strong women never really cares about what others say about them. She values herself more and therefore, she never let anyone to destroy her self-image. All the rumours and bad talks about her will prove to be rubbish with time and no one ever will hurt her by these sorts of mean things.    

2. They never worry about showing their real face to the world.

Most of the people in the society live their life by masks. No one likes to show their true self to the outer world with the fear that they would be rejected from the society. However, strong women are fully comfortable in showing their real self to the world as they have nothing to worry about the reality. She is bloody brilliant.

Strong women accept who they are and they like to be real in front of anyone.

3. They don’t give a damn about what majority say or do.

Strong woman has a firm belief about her own self. She doesn’t do things just because majority do so. She is rational and she accepts things only after a logical thinking.

She knows that majority cannot be always right and therefore, she has her own ethics and codes. She follows the things that only she feels to be the truth.

4. They don’t give a damn about the past.

Strong women hardly care about what happened in their past. They only think how to make a strong future and past is just a lesson for them. That is the reason that most of strong women are successful. They live in the present and not in past.

5. They don’t give a damn about fashion trends.

They of course wear nicely but that is only to please their mind and not someone else’s tastes. They wear what is comfortable for them and sometimes you would see them wearing sneakers at a time where everyone else wear heels!

6. They don’t give a damn if they don’t get support.

They are fighters and most importantly they are independent. They don’t want others to support them and they would most probably find their own means. They know how to walk alone graciously and their strength always make them shine among others.

7. They don’t give a damn about being nice all the time.

They will never think twice to speak directly to the people who do wrong deeds and she never worries about what others would think about her. She uses ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and all the other nice words, but she is also aware about the overuse of these words.

8. They don’t give a damn about social networks.

They hardly think about how to maintain their social media profiles. They don’t die to get ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ in those platforms and they are well-aware about the fact that real life is much more important than being a social media hero.

Strong women are the damn alpha-women that would change the world. One must be really lucky to have their presence in their life.