Strong Women Don’t Beg, They Walk Away When They Feel Unwanted

By: Anuradha

All of us women never like to give up on a guy even when we don’t feel good being with him merely because we think what would happen to him after you leave. We think too much about their happiness and survival so that we forget about our own existence. We battle to move up with that person believing in the illusion that he still loves you and it is not fair to take things too serious. However my good friend, if you are a strong woman then say ‘no’ to all those rubbish that you have been doing so far and instead be the first to move away from a toxic relationship.

We all have faced this situation in our life. We see a guy then think him to be too cool and even he comes and talks to you. You exchange your numbers and finally everything is arranged for a date. In that day you will see how gorgeous he is and eventually everything would end up by you being the girlfriend of this one.

You will see how beautiful the life is with him and these initial feelings at the beginning will remain for some time. But when certain issues occur and you show your insecurities and fears to him, he will begin to lose his faith in you and you will see the initial attraction fades away.

He will no longer be attentive and caring as he was at first and with time he would fly away giving so many excuses to turn away. You will leave suffering alone and despite your anger and helplessness, you will try to go after him and make him love you once again.

But, this is where that you should watch out. This is the time that you should be strong and regret not for losing him but or falling for a guy like him.  

I myself have experienced the same thing and I remember how miserably I hold onto him until he asked me to leave. I knew it was not working between us and he is not meant for me, but somehow or the other my stupid girl’s logic insist me on being with him and now I feel I should have spent all that time traveling and meeting new people instead of spending that on a person who doesn’t deserve me.

We all should stop holding onto guys who don’t want to be held. Life is too short to spend on meaningless things and therefore, keep in your mind that strong women never beg and they leave at the moment that they feel they are no longer wanted.

If he never makes an effort to see you then of course, there must be something wrong with him. Can you really excuse a guy who comes up with so many things whenever you plan a date? Oh common, if he really loves you then he would be the one who always asks for dates. He would make time just to see you smile and if your one never does this, then that means it is the high time for you to look for other options.

Also when a guy acts like he doesn’t care anymore, it shows that he really has lost his interest in you and therefore, there is no point in you looking after him or waiting for his attention.

So, understand your own value before going after people who are not worthy of you. You are strong and capable enough so as not to rely on a guy’s shoulder to be happy.