You Deserve A Man Who Chooses You Every Day Over And Over Again

By. Ran

Do not waste yourself on people who do not love you the way you deserve to be loved. Do not let your heart be shattered over people who do not deserve you. Protect that pretty little heart of yours until the right one comes along.

Be with a man who never gets tired of learning new things about you. A man who is not afraid of looking deep into your soul and finding out the mess in you. A man who is not afraid of learning that you are a little chaotic. Someone who is not afraid to find that you are an imperfect flawed human being. Someone who tries to heal those scars in your heart.

Be with a man who gets excited by the thought of you. Someone who is thrilled by the sight of you. Someone whose heart goes wild the minute your lips touch. Someone who is excited for the very thought of having a future with you, of having the eternity just for yourselves.

Be with a man who does not make you question his intentions. Be with a mature man who is clear about his feelings for you. A man who knows what he wants and who has his priorities straight. Someone who never lets you go to sleep angry. Someone who understands what you feel. Someone who assures you that everything is all right.

Be with a man who does not make you feel like you are not good enough for him. Someone who supports you all the time. Someone who reminds you of how powerful you are. Someone who stands by you no matter what. Someone who gives you strength when you are weak and falling down. Someone who lifts you up and gives you wings to fly on your own. Be with a man who chooses you every single day, over and over again. Someone who is not afraid to commit. Someone who promises to love you for all eternity. Someone who takes your hand and reassures you that he is there for you.  Someone who vows to love you unconditionally. Someone who does everything to keep his promises.