Yes, I Carry My Load Well. But That Doesn’t Mean It Is Not Heavy

By. Anuradha

Perhaps, you all might have seen this quote “Just because I carry my load, doesn’t mean it is not heavy”. Even though it might not hit you at first, the quote carries a deep meaning that can be related to all our lives.

We all carry loads on our back and it weighs differently for each of us. Some have it heavier than others but that’s how life is. Life is truly difficult and even the richest people have their worries. We cannot look at someone and think how happy and lucky they must be because behind every smile there is a hidden pain. None of us know the stories of people around us and we have no idea about the weight they all carry on.

That is why all of us need to be compassionate and thoughtful. Before judging anyone, we should think more than twice about their living conditions and the situations that they might be going through. We are all carrying several loads and it is not nice to say something mean or to be harsh to someone just because we know nothing about them. You all might have faced situations where you have cut off and ignored someone without knowing their reality. When you finally get to know the truth, it might have been too late and you would have been left alone with regrets.

We all need to be better because of this. There can be people who carry loads heavier than ours as well as there can be ones who carry lighter loads. But just because someone carries a lightweight, we should not be mean to them because weight is relative to the people who carry it. Even though someone else’s load seems lighter to us, it does not mean that person also feels the same about his/her weight. Even though it is insignificant in our eyes, it might be something unbearable from that person’s point of view.

So, let’s be kind to everyone that we meet. Let’s spread love and make this world a better place!