You Become A Strong Woman When You Were Raised By A Strong And Loving Mother

By. Anuradha

Most of the time, we all mirror the way how we were taught and the way we were raised at home through our behaviors. Most of our earlier life is spent with our parents and their advice, their conduct and the examples that they set on our lives become our guidelines when we start to live by ourselves. Particularly, we all share a special bond with our mom and when you are raised by a strong and loving mother, you also grow to become a tough woman.

When a strong woman has raised you, you know that life is what you make out of it.

By looking at how your mom managed things and how she faced life, you will know that life is all about what you make out of it. None of us inherit problem-free lives. Even the richest and the most affluent people are having their own issues. But by looking at how your mom managed things, you would know that if you take the right decision at the right time and if you behave in the right way at the right time, your life is not going to be a mess. You know how to protect yourself and how to stand up for things that are rightfully yours. You will be courageous enough to reach out for your dreams instead of waiting for things to happen and against all odds, you will set a mission to achieve your life goals.

When you have been raised by a strong mother, you understand the importance of self-respect.

When you have been raised by a strong woman, you know the worth of self-respect. You will know that you need to love your self first before expecting others to love you.  You will learn when to be silent and when to raise your voice. You will not let others laugh at you as you know your true potentials and what you are capable of. Your mom has taught you the meaning of true love and you will know how to treat yourself as well as others based on respect and dignity. You will know that crying is not a sign of weakness and even the most determined people have had their moments of downfalls. 

When you have been brought up by a strong, loving mother, you know how important it is to believe in yourself.

You will know that failures, disappointments, and frustrations will be there on the way, but what is always important is to stand back on your feet each time you fall. Whenever you fall, you will have the strength to get back on track. Your mom will always be your role model and her examples will help you to solve the problems that you encounter in your life as well. So, have you been raised by a strong and loving mother? Let us know your stories!