Woman Photographed Ancient Trees All Over The World For 14 Years

By. Anuradha

Be honest and recall what was the last time you had a good look at the trees in your garden? Or else, if you don’t have a garden, think about the road that you take on your way to school or work. Have you ever had time to admire the huge trees that you generally see on your way? well, I guess the answer is a ‘no’.

Most of us are very busy with our daily schedules. We don’t have time to pay attention to trivial things. When we travel, most of us are on our phones. We receive business calls, urgent calls, constant check-ups on Facebook, a casual scroll through Instagram and many people don’t even see the face of the person seated right next to them on a bus. So, they don’t see any trees or flowers along the roadside. 

Image Credit & More Info: Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time

Rooted Passage.

Chestnut In Cowdry Park.

However, some people still love nature and admire its beauty. They are more than ready to leave all their work aside just to go on a road trip or a picnic. You might sometimes think that such a life is meaningless, but if you compare your own life with that of a nature lover you would see how better their lives are. When you are in love with nature, you don’t only spend time admiring its beauty but nature also teaches you valuable lessons regarding compassion, patience, love, and friendship. A person who loves nature will always value his/her family as well as all the other trivial happenings in their lives.

The Bowthorpe Oak.

King’s Canyon.

Beth Moon is such a lady who understood the importance of having a closer bond with nature. 14 years ago, she decided to embark on a special journey and that was to photograph the oldest trees on our planet. She went to many places taking pictures of huge and magnificent trees and as a result, now she has one of the best picture collections of trees in the world.

Heart Of The Dragon.

Quiver Tree Forest.

She even launched a book named Ancient trees: Portraits of Time and in her book description it was mentioned that,

Avenue Of The Baobabs.

The Bufflesdrift Baobab.

“This handsome volume presents nearly seventy of Moon’s finest tree portraits as full-page duotone plates. The pictured trees include the tangled, hollow-trunked yews—some more than a thousand years old—that grow in English churchyards; the baobabs of Madagascar, called “upside-down trees” because of the curious disproportion of their giant trunks and modest branches; and the fantastical dragons blood trees, red-sapped and umbrella-shaped, that grow only on the island of Socotra, off the Horn of Africa.”

Croft Castle Chestnut.

Desert Rose (Wadi Fa Lang).

So, scroll down to see some more of these amazing pictures and I am sure that you will fall in love with them!

The Yews Of Wakehurst.

Diksom Forest.


The Ifaty Teapot.

Ankor Passage.

The Great Western Red Cedar.

Bristle Cone Pine Relic.


Rilke’s Bayon.

The Lovers.

The Whittinghame Yew.