“Storm” The Haflinger Mare From The Netherlands That Looks Like The “Rapunzel Of Horses”

By. Anuradha

Beauty can appear in diverse forms. Sometimes, what I define as beauty will not look the same in your eyes and what you define as beauty might not accord with my view. But we all do appreciate the nice and the pleasant things in the world and all that you do becomes much more enjoyable when you look for the beauty within that task.

Even if you might not agree with most of the things I define as beautiful, you would surely fall in love with what I am going to show you now. It trespasses all the definitions of beauty and these admirations are about none other than a mane with gorgeous hair!

Image Credit & More Info: Naomi Beckers & Storm

The name of the mane in our story is Storm. She is a ten-year-old Haflinger whose origins are from the Netherlands. She owns a gorgeous hair that quickly enchants the viewers and because of this she is also known as the ‘Rapunzel of horses’.

The storm was bought from her last owner by Naomi Beckers who is a student as well as an entrepreneur. She instantly fell in love with the mane and her hair which also resembles Naomi’s own curly, blonde locks.

The pair have become Instagram celebrities because of the breath-taking photoshoots they are doing. Both Naomi and Storm seem to have magic within them and they look gorgeous together. So, scroll down to see the pictures of the duo and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about them!

#1. The Fairy in white along with her beautiful friend!

#2. The golden locks.

#3. Ready for a ride.

#4. My gypsy girl.

#5. Amidst the woods.

#6. With the descending sun.

#7. Us together.

#8. The purest form of affection.

#9. Lets take a messy one.

#10. Miss gorgeous.

#11. After coming hair.

#12. It’s playtime.

#13. Whoa! This.