Woman Has Been Feeding The Same Family Of Foxes For Over 25 Years Now

Even though we humans share a deep bond with animals such as dogs or cats, it is rarely that you come across someone who shares a close connection with foxes. People are guided by the misconception that foxes are sly creatures and therefore do not believe that these animals too have a friendly temperament.

The woman in our story managed to build a special bond with a family of foxes. Sharon Hughes lives in Scotland and it is her backyard that the foxes have visited daily for almost 25 years now.

Even the younger generation of foxes decided to carry out the tradition of visiting Sharon’s backyard and the kind human does not forget to feed them her scrumptious sausage rolls. Currently, the fox family consists of eight members. Sharon’s bond with these creatures garnered much attention after she shared videos on TikTok and Instagram.

This is the fourth generation of foxes that are making an appearance in her backyard to enjoy her sausage rolls. Sometimes she even feeds them pizza leftovers, chicken drumsticks, and Chinese takeout.

Sharon conveys that she still remembers feeding the grandparents of the foxes currently visiting her. Not only does she feed the foxes, but she also ensures that they are healthy by sending videos to the vet to confirm that they are in a healthy state.

Whenever the veterinarians believe that a particular Fox needs medication or painkillers, Sharon adds them to the food she feeds them. This is the extent to which this generous human would go to relieve their pain.

In a scenario where Sharon is not present, the neighbors fill in for her and provide the foxes with food. This human has even given the foxes names and all she has to do to get them to come is to shout their names.

Besides caring for the foxes Sharon is also the owner of two cats and a dog. She is the very definition of an “animal lover” and she will continue to care for animals for as long as she lives. This amazing human being is an inspiration to us all and we are sure that the foxes feel grateful.

Image Credit & More Info; shazzababie/Instagram | tiktok