Little Village Girl Braved The Snow To Find Her Pup A Vet

Ogün Öztürk is a veterinarian from Turkey. One day he visited a village named Düzpelit to treat a sick cow. He managed to complete his duties early and planned on returning home. However, things did not go according to plan since things took an unexpected turn. Exactly when he was about to go back home he observed a little girl walking towards him through the snow. She was carrying a pup on her back. This is how a friendship blossomed between them.

The girl whose name was Cemre Su Türköz was a resident of the village. Since her doggo Pamuk was suffering from an itch for a few days she was dedicated to the cause of finding a veterinarian for him.

Cemre wanted a veterinarian as soon as possible because she assumed that Pamuk required immediate attention. Unfortunately, the little girl was unable to reach the district center because of the heavy snowfall. She was made to consider other options until luck showed up.

She received the news that a vet would visit the town to treat a sick cow. Cemre worried that the veterinarian would leave quickly and resorted to carrying the dog on her back. She made her way through more than a mile of snowy mountain roads to get to him. The vet was surprised. After the girl expressed the dog’s condition and how the snow prevented her from going to the district center Ogün immediately performed a checkup.

Luckily the dog was not suffering from a serious ailment and all that Pamuk required was a small amount of topical medication. Ogün did not even charge Cemre for his services because he believed the girl’s caring nature was payment enough. When she offered him 7 liras, he denied the offer. He was deeply moved by the courage of the 8-year-old. Ogün even formed a friendship with Cemre and Pamuk. He visits them in the village sometimes.

Image Credit & More Info; OGÜN ÖZTÜRK