Valais Blacknose Sheeps Looks Like Cute Stuffed Animals

Some sheep are already adorable due to their white fur and fluffy white coats, but a breed from Switzerland takes cuteness to a whole new level! In the Swiss state of Valais, there is a domestic sheep called the Valais Blacknose. After being reported since the 15th century, they became a standardized breed only in 1962. Today, they’ve known for their winning personalities as well as their lovely appearance.

In a mountainous part of Switzerland, the breed dates back to the Middle Ages. It has a good reputation for toughness. They are best suited for heavy-duty usage including carpets, beds, and felting, according to the American Sheep Industry Association. In their rugged, high-altitude birthplace, they’ve also been bred for meat throughout the years.

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If you won’t be visiting Switzerland anytime soon, these pictures will make you fall in love with these adorable sheep.

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Actually, Valais Blacknose sheep are in high demand. Friendly and gentle, they make fantastic pets. As a matter of fact, it’s their appearance that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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There are white curls on their faces, which give them a characteristic black appearance. As well as a black face, they also have a black tail and black ears as well as black knees and feet.

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Both males and females are equipped with spiral horns.

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As a dual-purpose breed bred for both meat and wool, they produce roughly 9 pounds of wool annually. Typically, because the sheep’s wool is so coarse, it is utilized for carpets and felt.

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Though the Valais Blacknose was once found only in Switzerland, it has been transported to various nations in recent years.

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UK imports began in 2014, and they are now found across the country. It is hoped that the breed will be imported to the United States as well as New Zealand and Australia.

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While this is true, in the U.S., the USDA does not approve the importation of live sheep or European sheep embryos.

Image Credit: Valais Blacknose Sheep Scotland

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