Adorable Humpback Dolphin Gets Gifts From The Bottom Of The Ocean To Receive Food In Exchange

By. Ran

Dolphins are known as one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet earth. They’re known for their abilities to build complex relationships, invent novel behaviors, and use both verbal and gestural signs to communicate with each other.

The humpback dolphin named Mystique is the best example of how smart these adorable creatures are. He discovered that humans like gifts and this 29-year-old male dolphin is now bringing the volunteers at Barnacles Dolphin Centre on Queensland’s Tin Can Bay luxury ocean goodies it finds in the sea.

Image Credit & More info: Barnaclescafedolphinfeeding |

He is showering the volunteers with gifts and gets delicious fish treats in return.

When contacted the staff of Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding they said that “Mystique is doing well, keeping the pod in line, but it’s quite clear that he is missing the attention from the public, he has been a big show-off the past few weeks.” It has been closed for qurantine.

The dolphin also knows “when he brings something in that he will get lots of praise and attention, then a fish to say thank you.” He has a “very intelligent and gentle soul, but is also slightly mischievous,” the volunteers told.

Image Credit: Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding (NOT PHOTOSHOPPED as they claim)

These are the luxury goodies he brings from the ocean.

“He brings us in all sorts of things like planks of wood, corals, old glass bottles, sea sponges, and rocks, ranging in all sorts of shapes and sizes.”

He is the only dolphin that brings goodies regularly.

The volunteers at the center are sure that Mystique will keep bringing things back for them once the crowds start to visit again. “He had always brought us gifts, but only since the lockdown closure has he been bringing in multiple gifts each morning.”

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