Trail Camera Captures The First Howls Of An Adorable Wolf Pup

By. Neluka

A baby wolf, once born is called a pup. The development period of a wolf pup is around 63 days. It may weigh around one pound at birth and is usually, deaf and blind, with a little sense of smell but a surprisingly well-developed sense of taste and touch. Most wolf pups are born with blue eyes, but with time it will change to a golden yellow colour by eight to sixteen weeks. A pup begins to develop its vision gradually when it is about two weeks old and can start to hear about a week later.

A litter, meaning a group of wolf pups, contains four to six pups. They are known as litter mates. They are born in the dens, a small cave or a hole deep in the ground, where the wolf mother and her pups can be safe from the harsh weather and hide from predators, mostly like bears and eagles.

Its diet develops, on milk from its mother, until a wolf pup is about four weeks old. Later on, it then starts to eat meat, through the stomach of a parent wolf. A wolf pup may then start visiting and strolling around the place, known as “rendezvous sites”, found outside the den. At these meeting places, wolves gather to sleep and play. These pups love to play, chase each other and roll around like dog pups do. Pups spend most of their time at these meeting places until they are old enough to hunt with the rest of the pack, usually at about six months old. Wolves reach the size of an adult when they are about one year old.

Recently, a few researchers from the Voyageurs Wolf Project managed to study the behavior of a few wolves at Northern Minnesota. Thereafter, they managed to capture a baby wolf who walked up to the camera and started to howl. This turned out to be one of the most iconic howls ever!

Image Credit & More Info; voyageurswolfproject | youtube | instagram