Meet Gimo, The Fluffy Black Cat With Adorable Big Eyes

By. Thilini

This is the “Gimo”. A Scottish fold cat with adorable big eyes. If you are a cat lover you would probably want to own one like him after you go through these images of him.

Brace yourself! We are bringing you the cutest cat to have ever trodden this earth!

The unbelievably cute cat Gimo has the unbelievably cutest eyes ever.

Gimo is a Scottish Fold.

And he puts every other cat to shame with his good looks and doe eyes that can melt hearts.

This furball from South Korea has become an Instagram sensation.

And it is not hard to see why.

I mean, who can say no this furball?

Here is a video of this fur ball being unbearably cute.

With this floof ball around, you can never get any work done.

As an Instagram star, he appears in multiple shots and sports various poses.

He is sometimes joined by other cats who live in the same apartment.

Would you just look at these doe eyes?

Here are two mighty looking cats!

Black cats are a blessing from heaven!


Cutest ever!

And he loves cuddles!

And he usually gets all the cuddles he wants with these cute eyes!

And that paw is mighty!

Image Credit & More Info; instagram | H/T; boredpanda