Toxic People Always Blames Someone Else

By. Anuradha

Being with a toxic person is not an easy thing. You will always have to give them the priority, think about their comfort and simply everything is always about them! However, even if you tolerate all these things, one thing that you would find hard to tolerate is their inability to accept their mistakes.

Toxic people never accept their mistakes because they believe themselves to be perfect. They think that they never make errors and in their eyes, no one will be as great as them. Sometimes, when their faults become obvious and when they cannot deny it, they try to blame someone else. It might be their parent’s fault, their ex’s fault, or their sibling’s fault but it will never be theirs because they don’t accept that they can make mistakes. They are not mature enough to accept their faults and that is the reason behind their blame-shifting.

When you try to show them their mistakes, they immediately start reminding you of the times that he/she was nice to you and ultimately, it would be you apologizing for hurting them. These people know how to use your sensitivity and bribe you into believing them. No matter whether you raise your voice at them or speak normally, they will accuse you of always blaming them and because of this, you bear up their unacceptable behavior instead of pointing out their errors.

Something that you must know when you are with a toxic person is that you can never change them. They will always act according to their will and they always believe themselves to be right. So, instead of trying to change their character, what you should do is move away from them.

These people will only destroy your peace of mind and ruin the happiness in your life. So, when you feel that a toxic person is trying to get on your way, move away, and don’t ever let yourself be a victim!