Stop Wasting My Time With Your Lies. I’m Tired.

By. Ran

Not having to guess whether someone’s intentions are pure or not is really attractive. It is one of the best things in the world. But unfortunately, it is always a guessing game of wondering whether they have pure intentions or deceitful ones.

In most cases, you have to go through a lot of heartbreaks and betrayals to learn how to tell the difference. This wisdom comes from getting to know the side of people they don’t usually let open. And you know what, there is something great about getting your heart broken by someone you loved.

You come to the realization that you should never let anyone waste your time with their disloyalty. Like it or not, people come and go. And only a few stay. These few are the ones who actually make an effort to stay in your life. And to see who goes and who stays, you have to stop giving people the benefit of doubt. This is a skill we learn as we mature and grow.

Being able to tell if someone’s intentions are pure or not is a skill closely linked to emotional intelligence. Sadly, it takes a broken heart to get to this level. It is all about your ability to tell if people are real or fake. You either establish a strong and healthy bond with someone, built on honesty and respect, or you face the consequences of trusting the wrong person. And learn a valuable lesson in either case.

You learn that some people won’t lift a finger to check on you. You have to let go of these kinds of people instantly. Indeed, cutting people off is a process that requires a lot of emotional strength, but it is something you have to go through. . Toxicity is all around us, and the wisest thing to do is getting rid of anyone and everyone that causes this toxicality.

Sometimes, you have to encounter numerous red flags until you actually see what type of person you’re dealing with.

This is not something that happens overnight; this is something you gradually realize as the warning signs become more and more obvious. You have to be on the lookout; you have to pay attention whether they check on you or not. A person who truly loves and appreciates you will check-up. It is a sign that says how much they care. Someone with deceitful intentions will only reach you when they need you.

And to all those who have good intentions,

Please leave me… I’m tired of dealing with toxic vibes. I am tired of being a victim of all these manipulations and mind games. I am tired of being with people who feel happy only when they make others sad and hurt.

From now on, I only have time for those who have proven that they actually care. That they will be with me through thick and thin. My circle may be small, but it’s worth more than thousands of fake friends. I promise myself that I won’t let myself be mistreated by others. I won’t let anyone disrespect me or belittle me. I will no longer tolerate those who use me.
After all, my life is way too precious to be wasted on toxic people.