Tombili, The Famous Cat Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot

Even after the death of a beloved pet, the owner does not forget the animal and the memory of the creature lives on in the heart of the owner for a lifetime. However, some animals touch the hearts of many and make an impact on the lives of a large number of people. Such animals will remain in the hearts of a majority and Tombili is one such creature.

Tombili is a cat who garnered much attention after someone captured an image of the feline and shared it online. The image depicts Tombili chilling in a relaxed position in the streets of Istanbul.

Image Credit: tapirr/Reddit

Needless to say, the photograph went viral and the cat became an internet sensation instantly. Sadly, Tombili passed away in August making everyone emotional. Those who adored the feline did not want it to be forgotten.

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

In order to celebrate its memory and to immortalize the animal a statue was put up by someone. The statue was made in the exact spot it was spotted chilling in style with a lackadaisical pose. Tombili’s statue is made using bronze and demonstrates the craftsmanship of the creator in capturing Tombili’s essence.

Image Credit: Anadolu Kedisi / Facebook

The other cats living in the neighborhood paid a visit to the statue of Tombili to pay their respects. The figure is set to be officially unveiled on the 4th of October, exactly on World Animal Day. It is quite apparent that this cat is loved by everyone due to its famous pose and attractive personality.

Image Credit: Imgur

Now whenever someone misses Tombili they have the opportunity to visit the statue erected in honor of the feline. The statue stands as a reminder that we all need to take time out of our busy schedules to chill sometimes.