Abandoned Rooster Shows Up At Auto Shop And Decides It’s His Home Now

The one thing roosters are well known for is their powerful crowing which is the best alarm call to wake you up early in the morning. However, the rooster in our story proves that he has other talents besides crowing. In the summer of 2018, Earl the rooster showed up in an auto shop, R and R Garage located in North Carolina. Little did anyone know that the bird was here to stay.

The employees working in the auto shop fed the rooster food and assumed that he would leave in search of a new spot to inhabit. The workers were proven wrong when they returned to work after taking a few days off. The rooster was right where they left him.

The bird sleeps in a tree near the auto shop and comes inside the garage whenever the weather is bad. This rooster also does not forget to greet the auto shop employees early in the morning when they arrive at work. He runs to them as if to say “Good morning”. “He comes running when the first guy comes in to open up for the day. He gets his cup of scratch, then wanders the shop looking for any bugs that may be around,” explained Joe Gallo, the co-owner of R and R Garage. The employees named the rooster Earl and he now explores under toolboxes and workbenches with the hope of finding spiders to snack on.

During working hours Earl follows the workers and hangs out with them. “He will come up in the shop and usually lay down and sleep under the car you’re working on or in a corner,” Joe added. The creature does not even mind loud noises or when people walk by.

The employees have tripped over Earl a few times since he sleeps in front of the office door. This rooster has succeeded in becoming a local celebrity, undoubtedly drumming up some business as well. Customers bring their friends and family along to introduce Earl when they come to pick up their vehicles. After the story went viral people were fascinated by Earl’s bond with the garage and its employees.

Image Credit & More Info; RANDRGarage