These Images Of “Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping”, Are So Adorable

Azuki is a tiny hedgehog living in Japan. This adorable fella loves going on camping trips. Azuki the hedgehog has perky ears, a beautiful round body as well a nose similar to that of a button. These features ensure that this creature remains in one’s memory forever. Recently, this cute little animal decided to give up his comfortable home in exchange for a set of miniature Coleman camping gear.

After making this purchase, Azuki then decided to put his camping gear to use by taking a camping trip outdoors. He made sure to pack his tent, kayak as well as his barbeque grill. With everything that he needed for a successful camping trip, he then ventured into the wild. Azuki’s owner shared photographs of this tiny hedgehog during his camping trip and from the looks of it, the creature appears to be having a very good time.

His photographs are sure to convince anyone to pack their bags and go camping right this exact moment. The photographs depict the hedgehog inside his mini tent, rowing his kayak, collecting wood, and having a BBQ session, all with a smile on his adorable face. Azuki is living proof that spending time in nature is just what you need to escape from your hectic life.

Mini me inside my mini tent.

Row, row, row your kayak, gently down the stream.

Enjoying a fancy tea party while camping.

Needed some wood for the bonfire session tonight.

Anyone want to join my barbeque?

Enjoying Mother Nature to the fullest.

Posing for a picture with my treasured camping gear.

Image Credit & More Info; hedgehog_azuki/Instagram