This Baby Zebra Has Spots Instead Of Stripes

By. Anuradha

Most of us love to see zebras whenever we visit the zoo. They are so adorable with beautiful black and white stripes and it is not possible to stop loving them. However, the little zebra baby that we are going to show you now will not only win your heart but also will be your favorite animal for sure.

This rare polka dot baby was born in Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Unlike all the other zebras in his family, he was not born with black and white stripes but with white spots over his body. A wildlife specialist from Matira Bush Camp, Parmalee Lemelin told that this was the first time such a polka dot zebra was born in that park. They suppose that baby zebra has melanism which is the opposite of albinism. However, the sad thing is that baby zebras with such conditions have not survived in history for more than six months.

More Info & Image Credit: Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association | catersnews

Some scientists claim that zebra stripes form as a result of inhibition in melanin production. That means zebras are originally black and white stripes are a result of this inhibition. However, these stripes help zebras to stay cool in the heat of the environment. Some also believe that stripes help them to stay safe from predators. However, there is no doubt that zebras are one of the most adorable animals and this little gentleman looks unique and charming among others. 

So, here we have some more cute pictures of the baby zebra that you would like to have look.

Here is also a video of the baby playing:

Let us know what you think about this baby zebra and we are sure that you all would love to see him living for a long time like we do!