The Beautiful Tree House That Looks Like A Castle

By: Anuradha 

When we were kids, we all had that great need to live in a tree house. We had such dreams of owning one and you might still be dreaming to live in such a house sometimes. in fact, living in a tree house is not something childish or crazy because it turned out that some of the most amazing homes around the world are actually tree houses!

These are fully functioning luxurious tree houses and you can get to know more about these by searching “Living the highlife tree house” project by Blue Forest.

This tree house is designed for a family with two completely separate lofts for parents and children. You have to walk across a rope bridge before entering the tree house and it is almost as if you re-entering to a play kingdom that you once dreamt to have.

As you approach the adult or the kid quarters, the canopy walk away will sway and it is just incredible. The best part is that the house is not just designed for living.

There is a play area for both adults and kids and adult quarters are further decorated by walls made from hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards.

There is also a conical thatched roof along with wood floors, walls, and ceilings. In kid’s quarters, there is also a sprawling treehouse castle with 3 peaked towers that remind you of medieval days.

Kids can also enjoy swinging in and out of the secret trap door and in case they feel bored inside, there is also a swing across the eighty-yard zip line.

However, while having all these luxuries, the tree house also consists of a fully working kitchen, bathroom, and a full-screen TV. So, you will hardly feel bored inside or outside.

The tree house is not made out of a single tree but several other trees play a part in the construction process. You will be constantly reminded of the fact that you are connected with nature and this would be the ideal house for any nature lover for sure!

Photo Credits: Blue Forest