Thank You For Giving Up On Me – A Letter To The Man Who Played With My Heart

By. Anuradha

This is for you- to the man who played with my heart and showed me what true love can be. When I was busy taking care of you, you had not even thought about me. You showed me a false world and I believed in all your lies. But now I know the truth. I was suffering a lot when you left me, but now I am thankful to you for leaving me. I am grateful for many things.

Thank you for playing with me. Before you came, I took everything for granted. everything was sweet and fine for me and when you came, I thought our love would also be great. But, you showed me the bitter and the sad side of love. You showed me that I should not believe in everyone and you proved that people can be evil. 

Thank you for lying to me. I was a person who never saw mistakes in anyone. I easily believed in the fancy world you made and each time you came up with an excuse, I forgave you. that is because I believed in you and I thought that you would never lie to me. But thank you for lying to me. Now, I know people have two sides and now I don’t believe in anyone. I think more than twice about everything people are telling and thank you for that.

Thank you for prioritizing your needs and desires over my own. I was always your second choice and I always had to do many things to get your attention. Whenever you were there with me, I felt like I have to compete to get my place and thank you for that. Because of what you did to me, I learned to fight with other things in my life and that has become helpful for me in many things.

Thank you for teaching me that the only person I completely rely on is myself. Earlier, I always wanted someone even to go shopping. But you showed me that I can stand on my own feet. You never were there whenever I needed you and I always had to look after things by my self. so, now I know I am the only person I can ever count on and thank you for teaching me that lesson.

So, THANK YOU for giving up on me!

I am truly grateful to you for leaving me. I learned many things from you and without you, I feel whole again. I am so happy and enjoying my life to the fullest now. So, thank you!