This Swiss Cinema Replaced All Of Their Seats With Double Beds

By: Anuradha

We all love to go to movies and the quality of the cinema directly affect our movie experience. Sometimes, you would rather watch a movie in your bedroom than going out to a cinema as no cinema will make you feel at home. There would be no cozy beds for you to roll in or hot chocolates whenever you need and therefore, opting for your bedroom rather than going for a cinema is most common among many movie freaks.

However, one cinema in Switzerland has decided to give a new twist to your movie experience by opening a ‘VIP bedroom’ screen with double beds instead of traditional seats. This cinema can be found in the north-westerly municipality of Spreitenbach near the Swiss-German border and the name of the cinema is Cinema Pathe.

Image credit & More info: Pathe Schweiz

Cinema Pathe introduced this new way of watching movies.

Image credits: Pathe Schweiz

They have 11 beds with adjustable headrests, grey and beige sheets, and two pillows. You can even find a bedside table which will make the experience more homelike.

The VIP ticket of the cinema will give you a double bed to lay in and free food.

Image credits: Pathe Schweiz

A VIP ticket will costs you 49 francs (around $48.50) and that includes food and a drink. The regular tickets of the cinema cost 19.50 francs ($19) and by paying for the VIP ticket, you won’t have to wait in queues to get your snack and drinks either.

There are some other benefits included in the VIP ticket.

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 You will also get slippers to enhance your experience and the CEO of Pathé cinema has also announced that they are offering new food offerings which include waffles and creps. 

The cinema also features double sofas.

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Apart from double beds, the cinema also features double sofas with a 350-capacity IMAX screen. If you are ever worried about the hygiene, then you have nothing worry and the CEO; Venanzio Di Bacco told that the sheets will be changed between every single film. He also added, “Hygiene aspect is very important to us”. 

There is a space for kids as well!

Image credits: Pathe Schweiz

There is an exclusive children cinema area which consists of bags, a ball pit and slides to use instead of stairs and the ticket for kids costs around 14.50 francs ($14).

Cinema Pathe opened its doors in Spreitenbach on May 9th.

Image credits: Unknown

The CEO further added that “The offer is unique in Switzerland. But we tested the concept abroad and had no problem so far”.

People also had a lot to say about this new cinema experience: