14 Fascinating Things About Women’s Body

By: Anuradha

The human body is just amazing! It is the most accurate and effective machine that no human would ever be able to produce and even though we cannot see, there are so many functions happening inside our body in a single minute. Both male and female bodies are different from each other in certain aspects and both of them have their own peculiarities and differences.

Out of the two, the female body is really special and unique. Their bodies are created for the task of childbearing and they are so delicate and tender than men. However, they have the ability to endure pain more than men and there are many other special traits about female bodies that you might not be aware of.

So, scroll down to see some fascinating facts about the female body that you might not be aware of and these facts would explain reasons for some certain behaviors of your woman! Don’t forget to share what you think about these with us!

#1. A woman has more nerve pain receptors. So they experience stronger pain but they have a lower pain threshold than men. If not they can never withstand labor pains. (Source)

#2. a woman’s sense of smell is better than a man’s from birth. (Source)

#3. women cry on average 30 – 64 times a year, whereas men cry just 6 to 17 times. (Source)

#4. 30% of women experience a craving for incredible things during pregnancy. (Source)

#5. women can detect high-frequency sounds much better than men. (Source)

#6. women are genetically more flexible than men. (Source)

#7. women’s skin is ten times more sensitive than men’s. (Source)

#8. women blink twice as much as men. (Source)

#9. women can distinguish between colors better than men, as chromatic sensitivity is directly connected to the X-chromosome. (Source)

#10. Women have more sweet receptors on their tongue than men. (Source)

#11. Two diameters of female hair are two times smaller than men’s. (Source)

#12. women have stronger immunity. (Source)

#13. women burn fat more slowly than men, at around 50 kcal a day. (Source)

#14. women’s hearts beat faster than men’s. (Source)