Shelter Dog Photobooth Pics Helps More Pups Find Forever Homes

By: Anuradha

Adopting a shelter dog is one of the noblest things ever. Those are the dogs who are left alone on roads, who don’t have a proper home and who have no one to love or care for them. most of us are ready to adopt dogs of good breed at any cost but we don’t pay much attention to shelter homes as we think that those dogs are not good enough to be taken into our homes. But, if you just give it a look, you will find that the love of your life can actually be there!

Most of the shelter dogs are quite capable of loving and caring for their masters and when they are trained for a certain purpose, you will see how skilled they can be. So in order to wipe away the clichés about them in society, a photoshoot was conducted recently and these pictures will show you how adorable they can be!

In a previously covered event of Humane Society of Utah, an animal rescue and adoption organization in the U.S, similar photos were taken and shared and the ‘photo booth’ pictures of the dog ultimately lead them to get adopted. So the photographer Guinnevere Shuster has presented another series of pictures to find them homes too!

So, if you are looking for a dog to be adopted and if you are living by, please have a look here and sometimes, you would be lucky enough to find the love of your life!

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#1. Nero – adopted.

#2. Kenai – Adopted.

#3. Floyd – Adopted.

#4. Jack – Adopted.

#5. Rhino – Adopted.

#6. Jax – Adopted.

#7. Charlie.

#8. Little Bear – Adopted.

#9. Bandit – Adopted.

#10. Bit O’Honey – Adopted.

#11. Charlie – Adopted.

#12. Lacey – Adopted.

#13. Chip.

#14. CJ and his brother Badger – Adopted.

#15. Annie – Adopted.

#16. Droopie – Adopted.

#17. Roxy -Adopted.

#18. Jack – Adopted.

#19. Russo – Adopted.

#20. Artimus – Adopted.

#21. Fido – Adopted.

#22. Dug – Adopted.

#23. Hero – Adopted.

#24. Spot – Adopted.

#25. Angel – Adopted.