11+ Photographs That Prove Our Favorite Animated Movie Characters Live Among Us

By: Anuradha

As small kids, many of us live in a dream world with our favorite movie characters and you might have actually played imaginative stories with your friends where you always play the character that you like. There can hardly be any girl who didn’t think themselves to be Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel or the Little Mermaid. They were not just imaginary characters but our childhood heroes and there is no secret that even adults love all these movies and cartoons.

However, there are some people who look much similar to these fictional characters and whether they like it or not, they have been blessed with these magnificent looks. When you look at them, you would always doubt whether you are seeing some made-up statues or humans and that is exactly what makes them special too!

So, scroll down to see these amazing humans who look exactly like your dream characters and don’t forget to let us know what you like the best!

#1. Elza, Frozen. (Walt Disney Productions | Andressa Damiani)

#2. Gru, Despicable Me. (Illumination Entertainment | owned.com)

#3. Jessica Rabbit, Trail Mix-Up. (Momo Kurumi Cosplay)

#4. Leela, Futurama. (20th Century Fox | Farrah Abraham)

#5. Mother Gothel, Tangled. (Walt Disney Animation Studios | hqparadise.hu)

#6. Merida, Brave. (Pixar | acidezfeminina.com.br)

#7. Meg Griffin, Family Guy. (Fox Broadcasting Company | fashionablygeek.com)

#8. Hot Meg, Family Guy. (jijinn)

#9. Gadget Hackwrench, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers. (Walt Disney Television Animation | zzima.com)

#10. Flash, Zootopia. (Walt Disney Productions | paraloscuriosos.com)

#11. The Simpsons, The Simpsons. (20th Century Fox | pinme.ru)

#12. Yubaba, Spirited Away. (Ghibli | flickr.com)

#13. Ned Flanders, The Simpsons. (20th Century Fox | vladimir-city.ru)

Preview photo credit: Momo Kurumi Cosplay| jijinn/reddit