She Gave up on You Because You Don’t Deserve Her Anymore

By. Anuradha

Some men were fortunate enough to get the best woman for their lives. She is strong, pretty, independent, loves you a lot and simply she is the perfection of everything. But at some point, when she decides to leave her man, they all are like ‘why’? ‘she must be crazy’ and ‘her expectations are too high’. They all tend to blame the woman without realizing what has happened in their relationship. Those men are not even a bit closer to the truth because the truth is that, 

She is done with you because you don’t deserve her anymore.

For a long time, she was expecting things to be better. She waited for you to make things right and put up with you for long. Even though you had the perfect woman, you did not become the perfect man for her but she didn’t give up. She wanted to love you and to be loved by you and she waited for that. yet, nothing happened in the way she wanted and she came to a point where she realized that she has to move on.

You don’t deserve her at all.

Her laugh, her jokes, her effort, her words, and her heart deserve someone way better than you. she loved you with all her heart and always struggled to give you the best. You were always her first concern and everything else came in second place. But you proved that you are not worthy to have such things and that is why you don’t deserve her.

But now she is sick of it. She is sick of your fake promises and meaningless words. She is tired of all the excuses and the lies you created. In her eyes, you are now just a stranger and you will no longer be the same person for her. She doesn’t need you anymore and now she is determined to create her own life; a happy life.

So, when you wonder at night the reason she went, contemplate on the truth. She left you not because she was crazy. She left you because you don’t deserve her. You were too blind and too foolish. You let the greatest thing of your life drift away and now you can only sympathize for yourself.