Darling, You Deserve To Be With Someone That Knows Your Worth

By. Anuradha

“My only wish for you is that you find someone who knows exactly how special you are and makes you feel that way, every day, single day”

Life will not always be filled with roses. No matter whether we like it or not, there would be rough patches, fall downs, tears, and breakups. Just because we need to avid this hard part, we might go for easy options which will never make us feel satisfied or happy. Even when looking for your life partner, you might not like to face risks and will try to settle for anyone who comes on your way. But keep in your mind that,

You deserve a lover who makes you feel like you are the only one.

For him, you will not be just another option to play with. he will cherish your presence and will love you for who you ate. He will never leave you in your time of distress and will only be a strength for you to face every problem with courage. He will always make you feel as if you are the only one and you would feel quite appreciated in his presence.

You deserve a love so true, it will make the heavens sing in celebration.

You will always feel more alive in your partner’s presence. Even in quite a hectic day, you would feel quite relaxed when you back to your place as your lover is so understanding. That one will take the stress out of your head and will be the comfort you always look for.

Your lover will always find time for you and will do anything to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes, your past experiences might have made you quite rigid, but your lover will understand everything and will slowly break the walls around your heart.

You deserve a lover who will put your love first.

You will be the priority of his/her life and they will do anything for you. You are someone who is giving your heart in full and that is why you deserve someone who loves you unconditionally and cherishes your every breath.

So, wait for that one and don’t worry, that person will surely come to your life.