Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Proves He’s Scared of Clowns!

By: Anuradha 

Sean John Comb who is also known as ‘Diddy’ plays multiple roles on stage as a singer, rapper, actor as well as a record producer. If you are a fan of him, this news will surely interest you as the Rapper literally proved he is genuinely scared of clowns at the Ellen DeGeneres show last Thursday.

When Ellen questioned him whether it is true that he is afraid of clowns, the Rapper declared it to be just a rumor. “Impossible”, he told the 60-year old host and further added that “Because I am a black man, I have so many other things to be fearful of – a clown’s not gonna scare me”. Ellen also seems to take it seriously as she nods without any objections but then the most hilarious thing happened.

A person dressed in a clown’s costume then propped out of a box next to his chair and Comb’s reaction was too much hilarious. He immediately gave a wild scream, karate kick and then break into a funny Michael Jackson-styled dancing. The audience was dying out of laughter and even Comb seemed to be shaken for few seconds.

However, he tried to manage the embarrassment with some dignity. When Ellen played the footage of the incident much to audience’s delight, Comb also seemed to accept the hilarious show that he made. He made a general comment saying that “You know, I woke up this morning, and I said ‘I want my life to be full of surprises. Ellen, I thank you”. He gave a hug to Ellen and tried to face the embarrassment in a brave way.

However, it was obvious that the famous Rapper is surely having a ‘clown forbear’ and the immediate look on his face, clearly shows how right we are.

So, watch the video below to see the hilarious reaction of the Singer and perhaps, this can be the first time that you will see a person being afraid of clowns!