A Reminder To The woman Who Hasn’t Been Herself Lately

By: Anuradha 

Dear woman who hasn’t been herself lately,

Don’t stop dreaming or aiming for higher things. You must feel like hell at this moment but trust it is only temporary. All this sadness and despair will wash away and you will get a good time back soon. Your happiness, playfulness and the light that fills your heart will surely come back and this is only a small chapter of your lovely story. So, when this end, you will find yourself again.

Now you might feel like a loser. You have lost everything that you want and you can’t take control over anything that happens in your life and you may feel as if you are not living your life. But this feeling will surely go away. Nothing lasts forever.

So, please don’t give up. You become a loser only if you accept the things in their own way and never do anything to change their motion. Just prove the world how strong and resilient you are. You have the energy to fight against anything that hurts you, just give it a shot.

You have been through worse situations as well right? You have been through bad relationships, unfulfilled dreams, heartbreaks, and everything. So, this is just another situation like that and most importantly we all have been there.

We all have felt what it is like to have broken the heart millions of tiny pieces. We all have undergone that pain but we survived. Once that feeling goes away, we were able to stand better in our feet and face things in a much effective way. 

So, don’t let your heartbreaks and tears break you down. You can’t walk away become invisible. Just be practical and find the best situation. 

You can rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and remember your worth. Think about all the people that love you and will continue to love you no matter what happens in your life.

you are just wonderful and great. This is only a tough phase and you are supposed to face this, everything changes and that is the ultimate truth. You will become your old self again and just be strong and face this.

With love,

From someone who has been there in your place.