“Bone Bone” The Adorable Fluffy Cat From Thailand

By: Anuradha 

We all love cats. Well, most of us love cats to be exact. They are so adorable with their little mouth and fluffy face and the best thing about cats is that they are not too much noisy and naughty like dogs and you can easily look after them and feed them!

So, here we have beautiful news for all the cat lovers. An adorable cat from Thailand has recently become an Insta celebrity because of his super fluffiness and adventurous personality. This adorable little guy is named as Bone Bone and he has over 338K followers on its Instagram account. There are various pictures of him being cute in various poses and it is hard not to fall in love with his cuteness.

You will see many pictures of him playing outside, visiting places, meeting his admirers and there are also funny ones where the cat is wearing a shirt, a vest or even a mini backpack.

Bone Bone is often seen being featured in mall shows, endorsing cat products and the best thing is that wherever he goes, there will always be numerous people surrounding him and trying to take pictures with him. We are not sure whether the cat enjoys all these ‘too much loving and hugging’ of his fans but most of the times he seems to cooperate pretty well.

He is huge and fluffy and he resembles the famous cartoon character Garfield with all these looks and size. We are not sure whether he is also so greedy as our friend Garfield but for sure Bone Bone is too much adorable and cute just like Garfield.

So, if you are a cat lover visit Bone Bone’s Insta page and you will be able to see so many beautiful pictures of the little man! Don’t forget to take a picture with him if you see him somewhere too!   

Images and more info: Instagram

Well Hello I’m Bone Bone

And I’m so fluffyyyyyy

Wait, But Sometimes I feels Like Mr. Bond. Yeah James Bond

I do my own James Bond Things

Told you, I can take a risk

But sometimes I get tired and need a little nap. Even Bond gotta sleep right?

But when I wake up I’m the real deal.

And girls loves me yeah

See how they pet me

Told you, the girls loves me

Well, I hate this. Why would I bath? I look good without getting wet.

And I’m still James Bond

And this is my “Please pet me” look