Reasons Why It’s Better To Keep These 6 Things Private

By. Anuradha

We all love to share our happiness, our achievements, our dreams, and our hopes with others. We feel that in the same way that we are enjoying our good luck, other people will also be happy for us and wish us good luck. With the advancement of technology and the frequent use of social media sites, we see people are in the habit of sharing all their emotions with others through these sites.

But is it always good to share our stories with others? Will they truly be happy for us or will their hatred and jealousy spoil our stories?

In all good sense, we feel that certain things are better unsaid. It is not about being secretive but just to stay away from all hatred and jealousy and to make your stories beautiful. So, here are 6 things that we believe should not be shared with others.

#1. Your biggest dreams and goals.

Studies show that it is not good to share your biggest dreams and goals in public because it demotivates you from achieving them. When you already know what it would be like when you achieve them, you no longer feel inspired to achieve it. Besides, also think about the hatred and jealousy that you would receive. Perhaps, people may even plot plans to prevent you from achieving them. So, these things are better left unsaid.

#2. Your private life.

Sharing details of your private life is something that you should never do because people will easily use those details against you. You may be someone who easily believes in others and think them to be full of virtue. But in reality, there are only very few genuine people who wish for your wellbeing and therefore, don’t let them ruin your private life.

#3. Your family problems.

We all have family issues. Even the richest and perfect families have their own issues. So, try not to share info about your family matters with others. Those are private matters and you need not involve other people in these matters.

#4. Your material belongings.

Many people like to boast about their material belongings. It would make you happy but there are also people out there who do not have a proper place to sleep. Some of them might be having financial issues and some of them might be going through a rough time. So, perhaps your news may capture their attention and you might have to face unforeseen consequences.

#5. Your acts of kindness.

If you want to help others, do it but don’t boast about it. When you publicly share all your acts of kindness, it shows that you have done it not to help those people but to increase your fame. So, don’t boast about your acts of kindness with others.

#6. Your money.

Sharing your financial status with others is not a good move at all. Your money is only your business and no one else should know about it. So, don’t invite unwanted troubles by talking about your financial status with others.